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 [READ]Roles In The Team[READ]

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PostSubject: [READ]Roles In The Team[READ]   Thu May 13, 2010 1:36 pm

- Large base of knowledge
- Capable of carrying out tasks manually
- Pass a competency test
- Teach classes of 5
- Elect a specialty
- Understands Team Deviants protocols

- Pass a competency test
- Be as active as possible
- Practice, attempt to solve problems individually
- Not a script kiddie

- Show extensive HTML and/or Graphics design skill
- Proficient in creating deface pages with music, video embeds, animations and other cool effects. Ability to use flash is a big plus
- Must create a series of pages which will be rated by team members

- To achieve this rank, the person must pass a competency test
- Can create basic deface pages
- Has a very strong knowledge of at least one website hacking method
- Elects a specialty
- Can now become a teacher
- Have a professional mindset and fully comprehend Team Deviants policies
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[READ]Roles In The Team[READ]
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