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 Rules (Read)

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The Black Hat

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PostSubject: Rules (Read)   Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:23 am

1. Do not attempt to infect people on this forum
2. Do not reputation abuse
3. Keep swearing on the down low
4. Sexism and racism are not approved of in any way shape or form
5. Phishing and Pharming and its other variants are not to be spoken of
6. All pornographic material is prohibited
7. Trolling and flaming is STRICTLY not allowed
8. Listen to staff members or face the consequences
9. Any form of spam is frowned upon and is not allowed
10. Please make your posts as concise as possible, explain them well
11. English only, no "1337" speak

*These rules will be updated

PM me for anything you believe needs to be added or amended
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Rules (Read)
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